Tuesday, March 31, 2015

St. Natalia the Miracle-Worker Beaded Orthodox Icon

They say that another activity is a great way to have a break. So, when I am tired with a project I am working on at the moment, to change an attitude I jump on another project, a small one, that will take my thought away and bring more energy and strength to finish the first project.

Today I start absolutely different way of relaxation, a little variety - St. Natalia the Miracle-Worker orthodox icon in beads.

It will make a nice gift for my daughter, Nataly.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

EGA's Correspondence Course "Metal Thread Embroidery" by Kay Stanis - Part 1

I've signed up with EGA's (www.egausa.org) correspondence course "Metal Thread Embroidery" by Kay Stanis. I was happy to know this course was written by Kay Stanis, an internationally known Master Craftsman, Certified and Graduate Certified Teacher of the Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. (EGA) and Kurenai Kai Traditional Japanese Embroidery (www.the-gilded-edge.com/about). I was more than thrilled to know that Kay is planning to give classes at the end of April in Spokane and I will have a chance to meet her.

I commited to start my 6 months course on the 1st of April (no Fool's day for me) and today I received my first lesson

The most exciting part about the course is that there is no Supply List. I am allowed to use whatever I want, whatever I find. I've already collected a nice stash of gold and silver metal threads, cords and trims. What you can see on the picture is just a small part of my collection.

Now I am off to read my first lesson.

Have a wonderful weekend!