I found a suitable frame and framed my Goldwork Bird. I hesitated to post the pictures. It didn't matter how I turned the picture or where I put it I was not satisfied with the result. No doubt I don't have any regrets about taking the class but still have mixed feelings about this project and feel like it was one of those experiences when I look at this work as an example how not to do Goldwork. First of all, this bluish-greyish background, I can't stand it, but it was not my choice unfortunately...

I'll keep it and may be find other use for it.

My first workshop with RSN was held on 19-20th of April, 2015 in Burlingame, CA.

Jacqui McDonald, who taught the class in goldwork, comes from a background in Conservation and Restoration, showed us 2 different types of padding that are used in Goldwork, a method of applying couched threads, and taught us how to apply Pearl Purl Outlines and Cutwork.

During the first day I was able to finish all padding. During the second day we started working with gold thread. Unfortunately I had to leave earlier, because it is a long way to drive to Washington state, and another wonderful class was waiting for me - Japanese Embroidery, but later about it...

Today I finished my Goldwork Bird. It is still stretched on the frame and this is how it looks like now. I haven't given a thought yet how to use the bird, may be I will just frame it.

Royal Treasure Box

Today I want to show you a gift I finished for my little daughter. I want her to have this Treasure/Jewelry Box that I embroidered for her. The top was done in Goldwork. At the bottom of it I wrote in Russian "Maмa", but I am sure whatever language you speak, you understand it, true?

Now Nataly will keep all her jewelry in this Royal Treasure Box, designed by Irene Junkuhn, stitched by me.

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